About Us

Meet The Team

Luke Brown

Founder & Developer

Since the start of this decade, Luke has been a full stack freelancer developer and systems administrator.

In 2015, Luke founded Element Softworks, determined to build a reliable name for anyone in need of digital services locally and across the globe.

Nathan Holliday

Head of Design

Overseeing and directly impacting all creative design aspects in any team is no easy task.

Thankfully Nathan is here with his wide knowledge of UX/UI and design spreading across over 100 project to help bring to life our clients dreams.

Matthew Woods

Head of Strategy

Matthew has a proven record of building business relationships and leading companies into new innovative fields.

With his sweet American charm and probably some business sense in there somewhere, he is able to pull results for our clients time and time again.

Ryan Impey

Web Developer

Joining the team as the first full time employee, Ryan's entrance into the company marked a major milestone.

His focus is on developing bespoke web systems along side Luke, primarily based on Nathan's designs, ready for a release the client can be proud of.

Ben Stacy

Marketing Specialist

In today's modern world, marketing is everything. And it is important to have someone on your side who breaths this.

Ben works with a number of large US companies, focusing on their advertising, SEO and marketing outputs.
And he is ready to help you on yours.

Murven Wan

Solutions Consultant

It is key to have someone who can truly connect and engage with existing and potential clients to find out their needs.

Murven works across the country and globe to ensure all of our clients remain happy with our services, and to work with new clients to bring them on board.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the perfect bespoke and innovative solution for their needs.
To help them realise their goals and achieve their potential through new and exciting technologies. And to produce a reliable brand identity for digital services in the growing local and global markets.

Our Favourite Clients

Small Businesses

Whether you have a solid idea of your digital way forward, or you need a guiding light into today's online market.

We can help you every step of the way to make your company more successful.

Start Ups

Having a new innovative project that you need to get off the ground?

We strive to offer a complete A-Z package that will the see the successful release of your bespoke platform.


Managing all your existing clients as well as keeping up with new leads coming through the door can be difficult.

Easily grow turnover by offering our skills to your clients through your brand.