Peter Cochrane OBE

5 websites and over 120 pages filtered down into one easy to use website whilst keeping the dark theme from Dr Peter Cochrane's previous websites.

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Dr Peter Cochrane OBE is a university professor, futurist, entrepreneur, business and engineering advisor to international industries and governments. He has worked across: hardware, software, systems, network, adaptive system design and operation. He currently runs his own company across 4 continents, and was formerly CTO at BT, The Collier Chair for the Public Understanding of Technology @ Bristol, and winner of numerous awards including an OBE and IEEE Millennium Medal.

Peter came to us with five existing websites which he has been running for the last decade, looking to get them redesigned with an updated and collated look. The challenge for us was refining over 120 pages of content into one new central website which had easy navigation for all visitors to easily explore and learn more about him and his ventures.

After many hours of working with Peter, we managed to refine the website down into three sections of the website, each with having their own theming colour and navigation. The objective was to provide one central user experience, but with three distinct areas - Personal, Academia and Commercial.

The homepage provides an overview about Peter and each category has a clear visual timeline to show his activity in each field over the past 50 years, with a selection of links inviting visitors to learn move about each area. We also collected a list of his 70 most well known clients and formatted them under one clear list.