The Gundies are an annual voting & award ceremony spotlighting the top creators in the firearm community. Featuring over 2 million views per month.

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Projects - The Gundies

The Gundies Awards is an annual, community-driven voting platform, to vote for your favourite influencers in the firearm industry. In its first year, the project was sponsored by Sig Sauer Inc, Brownells Inc, Microtech Knives and seven other large-scale US companies. The project was created to bring about positive awareness of the gun industry and the influencers in it to the existing 30 million+ strong community alongside any newcomers.

Our Solution

We built our most scaleable architecture to date. The responsive serverless React.js website allowed loading to thousands of users at once with no concern for CPU overload. The Node.js API which powers the website handled over 2 million database writes, and 12 million cached database reads to our multi-cluster MongoDB database

The results

Throughout December 2019, the project received community-wide recognition and engagement. The domain was loaded 2.048 million times, 85,000 users signed up, and 313,000 votes were counted across 256 registered influencers. Within 30 days the Instagram account went from 0 to 4,800 followers, with 336,000 active sessions sent to the website, and high engagement across all social media (with no paid advertising at all). In the end, ten lucky winners received their share of £14,000 worth of prizes.

Creating the identity

A visual style was created and executed in emails, social post campaign and print media such as banners. Basic identity such as logos and colours were created first with the illustration style developed throughout the running of the event.


The website was developed with scalability in mind, like most of our projects, we knew that this project would need to handle 100’s of thousands of database requests, and 10’s of thousands of database insertions (particularly for user registration). We built the website to work flawlessly with this but also with a nice user interface that coincided well with the identity brought from the design phase. Users were easily given the information about the voting system, what prizes could be one, and a list of all the voting categories were available on both the home page and the categories page for good user experience.

We built the category page to handle dozens of nominees, with a fuzzy-search system allows users to quickly find there favourite influencers and brands.

The voting system was tested many times and had a strict restriction to ensure a user could only vote every 24 hours in each category, a second phase was brought forward where we implemented google’s latest re-captcha system which prevented any fake users from registering on the website.